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About Cup Wealth Management

The financial services industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift in the way companies do business with retail consumers. The business model is changing. Increased transparency, full fee disclosure, and fiduciary duty shouldn’t be something the industry should strive for… it should already be the established norm. Cup Wealth Management Inc. was started to illustrate what a full-service professional wealth management firm of the future looks like.

Cup Wealth Management Inc. acts as a general practitioner to a person’s financial health. First, we diagnose, then we implement. Not the other way around. You don’t go to your doctor looking for a prescription and then run the tests, do you? Nor should you with your financial health. We want to be recognized for the great work we do for our clients. Not how much revenue we produce.

Being a full service professional wealth management firm allows us the ability to offer a wide variety of essential financial services under one roof. We offer personal tax preparation, comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and insurance solutions to our clients. We offer all our services under an affordable and flexible compensation structure tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

Our core financial planning philosophy revolves around objectivity. Every one of our recommendations are justified based on thorough quantitative objective analysis regarding the 6 fundamental pillars of financial planning. We then factor in any emotional or subjective constraints you have into our models to compare the financial impact. The fact of the matter is: You receive professional advice tailored to your specific financial situation. There’s no cookie cutter advice here.

Further our core philosophy we make 3 promises to our clients:

  1. We practice under a fiduciary capacity. Your interests come ahead of our own. It’s just that simple
  2. 100% full disclosure regarding any potential conflicts of interest
  3. Absolute transparency on our compensation, or fees associated with our 3rd party products and services regarding investment fees, insurance commissions and referral arrangements with portfolio managers

Comprehensive Planning Approach

Cash Flow Management
Ivestment & Asset Management
Tax Planning
Retirement Planning & Retirement Projections
Insurance Planning
Estate Planning

Your personal financial blue print outlining what needs to be done to achieve your financial goals and objectives.

Our comprehensive financial planning approach consists of an evaluation of person’s current and future financial state around the 6 fundamental pillars of financial planning. Doing so gives us a solid comprehensive view of your current financial state and determine if there are any short comings.

We use a bottom up approach when building your financial plan. We want to ensure that you have a solid foundation in place so that you can handle the unexpected and take advantage of any opportunities that may arise. Our mission is to help you find answers to those difficult questions, navigate you in times of uncertainty, and put you in a position to pursue opportunities.

What we can do for you

What we can do for you

Quick Start Plan or “30 under 30” program

A program ideal for millennials. Includes personal tax preparation services and 3 hours of ad hoc advice

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive analysis through the 6 financial planning pillars

Investment Management

We manage your investment portfolio

Insurance Solutions

We act as brokers on any life, disability or critical illness insurance polices

Personal Tax Preparation

We prepare your Canadian personal income taxes

Ad Hoc Advice

Anything goes, ad hoc advice

Fees and Pricing

Subscription Fee

$30-$350/month + HST

Ideal for do-it-yourselfers who manage their own investment portfolio and require ongoing financial planning advice

Quick start or "30 under 30" program billed annually

Project-based Fee

$1,500-$5,000 + HST

Used for comprehensive financial planning

Hourly Fee

$150/hr + HST

Ideal for ad hoc advice or one off questions

Traditional AUM Fee

We charge a fee based on the percentage of your assets

First 500K, 1.35%
Next 500K, 0.90%
Next 500K, 0.75%
Next 500K, 0.6%
2,000,000+, 0.5%

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