Comprehensive Financial Planning Approach

We provide an objective analysis on a client’s current financial situation and make objective recommendations on how to achieve specific future retirement goals and objectives.

Cash Flow Management

We determine all your sources of cash inflows and outflows to see if you are operating at a cashflow surplus or deficit. In financial planning lingo, this is known as your “burn rate”. After this is determined we provide recommendations on optimizing your cashflow situation to help you achieve your retirement goals and objectives. In short… What comes in? What comes out? Where to put it? Where to take it out from? How and when?

Investment & Asset Management

We build an investment portfolio based around your retirement needs and financial objectives. We want your money to outlive you and not have you outlive your money.

Tax Planning

We optimize all available tax planning strategies and opportunities to your specific financial situation. We consider where your assets are “located” and your asset allocation. We consider your personal account holdings, as well as, your business entities, private holding companies, and trusts.

Retirement Planning & Retirement Projections

Any concerns you have regarding your retirement will be answered here. You will find out how much you need to save to reach your retirement goal and what needs to be done regarding your investments to achieve it. You will find out how long your money will last you in retirement. We also determine the probability of success of hitting your goal.

Insurance planning

We do an insurance needs analysis to determine the appropriate amount of insurance required, based on your stated goals and objectives. We then compare that to your current insurance coverage in place to determine if it is sufficient. If there are any gaps in your coverage we make recommendations accordingly. Our goal is to bullet proof you, your family, and your business, at least from a financial perspective, in case of an unforeseen event.

Estate planning

There’s no easy way to put it. We plan for your death. But there’s a lot more to it than that. When ‘it’ happens, we want to make sure you don’t pay unnecessary taxes and your property is transferred to your intended beneficiaries. We review your wills, powers of attorney, and trust documents to make sure they reflect your desired wishes. We consider the size of your estate, how and where your assets are held, and any world-wide estate tax issues with foreign property, particularly with US Estate tax.

After the 6 pillars have been considered and a course of action is determined we can then begin the implementation of the financial plan. Implementation usually consists of the following:

    1. Creating and executing an appropriate investment portfolio related to your unique retirement planning goals & objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon determined in your financial plan
    2. The purchase of additional Life, Disability, or Critical illness insurance to cover any shortfalls that were determined in your insurance needs analysis
    3. Working with your lawyer in drafting or updating your wills & Powers of Attorney to reflect your most recent wishes and/or needs
    4. Working with your accountant to execute any tax planning opportunities found regarding your personal, family trust, or business entities